Therapy Nightclub


Main Room

Therapy is full of excitement with a swift entry through the door into where all the excitement is for the night. With state of the art lighting and sound systems you will be blown away.

With 2 bars to choose from it’s not hard to hard caught up in the massive vibe of the night or even sneak away and have a breather from all the dancing on the comfy couches in the back of the room.

Black Smirnoff cube

The black Smirnoff cube makes you feel VIP as soon as you walk into it. With your own room to the side of the Dj decks, you won’t be able to miss any action throughout the night.

With the bar right beside you there will be no fighting through the crowds to get to the front of the bar.


Ever wanted to feel on top of the world?
Upstairs on the mezzanine we have it covered with a full balcony view of the dance floor and top of the line Dj’s.

Enjoy a cocktail from the bar that is on the same level whilst you glaze over the insane talent.

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  • Mondayclosed
  • Tuesdayclosed
  • Wednesdayclosed
  • Thursdayclosed
 Functions Available 7 days and nights per week


The Cubestanding1030
Mezzanine Loungestandingup to 150
VIP Area410
Entire Venuestanding150860